Body composition analysis

At CrossFit Heathrow we know there is more to health and fitness than a big back squat and a quicker Fran time. We know the benefits of a health body composition and the importance of accurate results. 

To take our member journey to the next level all members will receive an InBody scan and goal setting session every 6 weeks. 



1-2-1 coaching

Want to work on something specific, do you have a particular goal or event coming up? All of our coaches have years of experience and specialise in different aspects of performance.  Conditioning, Strongman, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and competing at Crossfit.


Get in touch to find out more.


. Aimee is a nutritionist specialising in sport & exercise nutrition and plant-based nutrition.

‘I offer 12 week nutrition plans, tailor made to your macros and focused on your individual goals and lifestyle.

I offer an introductory call at the beginning of the plan to chat about your goals and then a check in/follow up call half way through to ensure you are happy with your progress and results.

Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, follow a healthier diet or fuel your performance, I can create a plan that works for you.

Please note, I can provide both plant-based and non-plant based nutrition plans. 


During your free trial session you will get a flavour of what we do at CrossFit Heathrow. You can discuss your strengths and weaknesses with us along with what your goals are so we can help you reach them. Don't put it off any longer, CrossFit Heathrow is waiting for you! Book your free trial today.