What is Crossfit?

CrossFit classes begin with a warm-up and then typically focuses on a specific activity per session which you’ll be coached through. Depending on the programme, there may be a WOD – ‘workout of the day’ – which can include a range of movements. Each CrossFit class is 60 minutes, and there is plenty to tempt the novice.

Classes are instructor-led, and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation.

Workouts are constantly varied, which means every workout uses different exercises, so that you make progress and never get bored. Some exercises will be familiar and many will be new, you will always be challenged. 


CrossFit Heathrow

Our gym is filled with barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells, as well as super strongman equipment like yokes, atlas stones and logs. We have pull up bars, boxes, rowers and ropes, all housed in our great big space to use these tools to become better every day.We perform functional movements at high intensity, giving you a comprehensive full-body workout in under an hour.

You will never be expected to lift weights beyond your fitness level or perform movements beyond your skill set. However, you will always be coached, encouraged and challenged to improve your performance.

‘CrossFit uses safe, effective and efficient movements similar to those you use in everyday life.’



During your free trial session you will get a flavour of what we do at CrossFit Heathrow. You can discuss your strengths and weaknesses with us along with what your goals are so we can help you reach them. Don't put it off any longer, CrossFit Heathrow is waiting for you! Book your free trial today.